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Climate-Controlled Storage 

For valuable items you don’t want damaged, climate-controlled storage may be the answer. This type of storage uses heat and air conditioning to keep the temperature and humidity levels consistent. It is ideal for artwork, family photos, important documents and musical instruments. These items can be sensitive to environmental factors, such as dampness, heat, sunlight and mold. Without climate-controlled storage your valuable possessions may be damaged or lost forever.

At Brookfield Self Storage we offer three sizes of climate-controlled units. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable office team to see which one is right for you.

Why choose climate-controlled storage?

Simply put, climate controlled storage keeps valuable items safe. Temperature and humidity can damage and disfigure family heirlooms and special possessions made of wood or paper. Paintings are especially susceptible to damage from excessive humidity, heat and cold.

Other benefits to storing your valuables in climate controlled units include:

– The units are secure. Our facility is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence and we have 24/7 video surveillance.  Tenants can only access the facility if they have a key code for the gate. We also require each tenant to provide their own lock, which ensures only they can get into their unit. And we have an onsite manager during business hours Monday through Saturday. Our climate-controlled storage units are extremely secure and safe.
The units are affordable. For the peace of mind they offer, our climate-controlled units are extremely affordable. They don’t cost much more than a non-climate-controlled unit.
The units are convenient.Our facility is conveniently located on Brookfield Road. Along with our month-to-month leases, renting a climate-controlled space has never been so easy and affordable.

Our climate-controlled units

At Brookfield Self Storage we offer three climate-controlled units.

8×12: The 8×12 unit is our smallest climate-controlled space. It is the size of a small bedroom and will hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment.
10×10: This is one of our most popular units. It can be leased in climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled varieties. It is the size of half a one-car garage.
10×15: Our largest climate-controlled unit. The 10×15 is 2/3 of a one-car garage. It will hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

When do I need a climate controlled unit?

Anyone can lease a climate-controlled unit. If you do not want your items to suffer through temperature and humidity changes, then a climate-controlled unit is right for you. Antiques, valuables and other important items are often stored in climate-controlled spaces.

However, not all items have to live in a climate-controlled unit. Most everyday household items do fine in our non-climate-controlled units. Contact our office team to see if a climate-controlled unit is ideal for you.

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