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RV & Trailer Storage

Proper storage is essential for the long-term use of your recreational vehicle (RV). The problem for many people is they cannot store their RV at home. You may not have a large enough garage space or maybe your HOA prohibits storage in your driveway or yard. If that is the case you need an alternative to store and keep your significant RV investment safe.

With Brookfield Self Storage your RV will be properly stored and always accessible. Contact our office team to learn more about our unit accessibility.

Why choose Trailer or RV storage?

There are many reasons to consider RV, Trailer or Camper storage, including:

We are secure. Our facility is surrounded 100% by a fence. Only people with keycode access can pass through the secure, gated entrance. Each tenant puts their own lock on their unit, meaning only you have access to your unit.

We are convenient. Everything about our process is easy and convenient. The paperwork takes just minutes to complete and you can move in the same day.

We are accommodating. Some RV owners book their storage space in advance of needing it and others move in right away. We also have many RV, Trailer and Camper owners who rent seasonal storage. You will not be locked into a twelve-month lease with us.

We are clean. We take pride in keeping our units up-to-date and clean. The solid block buildings provide a level of insulation, even in non-climate-controlled units. Additionally, the facility is well-maintained and always clean.

Before leasing a storage unit, it is important to know the size of your RV. RV sizes are measured in the length. There are standardized categories for certain groups of RV lengths.

Categories of RVs

Class A: These RVs range from 21-45 feet long. They are the largest RVs on the market.
Class B: These RVs range from 17-19 feet long. They are the smallest RVs on the market.
Class C: These RVs range from 20-31 feet long. They are medium-sized RVs.  
Towed: Towed RVs encompass a wide variety of lengths. They are differentiated by their ability to be towed. Pop-up campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheels all fall into this category.

Our RV storage units

At Brookfield Self Storage we do not offer outdoor RV storage. Instead, most RVs can fit into our large, covered storage units. These are the 10×25 and 10×30 units. A 10×25 unit is about the size of a very long one-car garage. The 10×30 unit is the size of a 1.5 car garage.

The largest Class A RVs can find storage options at our other storage facilities: Scenic Self Storage and Waukesha Storage. However, most RV classes and lengths will fit in our facility. Contact our office if you have any questions about our RV storage options. We will happily discuss our available units with you.

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