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  • The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

    While basic storage gets the job done for most folks in Brookfield, it’s not always the right choice for those wishing to store sensitive items such as antiques, memorabilia, fine art and collectibles. If you live in Brookfield and wish to store items like these, you should consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. What…

  • Brookfield Local Storage

    We know you have a lot of options when it comes to self-storage solutions in Brookfield. So why should you choose Self Storage Brookfield for your self-storage needs? Here are just a few of the reasons why: Convenience Located in the Old Village of Brookfield by Brookfield Academy, we’re just a short, convenient drive away.…

  • Commercial Storage Unit Planning

    Brookfield Self Storage offers a variety of standard and heated Storage Units in Brookfield, WI. For more information, call us today. Whether you need commercial storage to meet long-term or short-term needs, when you’re scrambling to store materials, it can be easy to forget to stop and think before choosing a commercial storage unit and…

  • Why Would I Rent a Residential Storage Unit?

    Brookfield Self Storage can set you up with a residential storage unit. We have many different sizes to choose from to help fit your needs. To some people, renting a residential storage unit is a strange decision. That is until those same people find themselves in a situation that makes renting a storage unit a…

  • Things to Know Before Choosing an Outdoor Storage Unit

    It’s probably no surprise that of those Brookfield residents who use self-storage, most choose indoor storage units. But, even so, there are plenty of Brookfield unit renters who find that outdoor storage meets their needs just fine. If you’re considering renting a self storage unit in Brookfield, consider the following before you make your choice…

  • Indoor Storage Units: 5 Things To Consider

    With more Brookfield residents using self-storage every year, it’s important that they consider what they need before signing an indoor storage contract. If you’re considering renting an indoor storage unit this year, consider: What will you store? Thinking about what you will be storing will help you determine the size of the indoor storage space…

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