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Why Would I Rent a Residential Storage Unit?

Brookfield Self Storage can set you up with a residential storage unit. We have many different sizes to choose from to help fit your needs.

To some people, renting a residential storage unit is a strange decision. That is until those same people find themselves in a situation that makes renting a storage unit a smart decision. So, what are some of the most common reasons that people in Brookfield rent storage units? Here are the five most common:

Space Issues
Buying a new home to store all of your stuff can be quite expensive. Renting an economical residential storage unit, however, can save you money in the long- and short-term (depending on what you’re storing and how long you plan on storing it). This can be especially true in areas with high costs for living space.

Relocation Logistics
Moving into a new home should be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen as smoothly as you might like. If the space that you’re moving into isn’t ready, you may be forced to stay with friends, family or a local hotel in the interim. And, in situations like that, temporarily storing your belongs in a residential storage unit makes great sense. Not only does it allow you to keep your belongings packed and ready to go, it keeps them secure until they can be moved into your new space.

People choose to downsize for different reasons. For some, downsizing is part of a larger move to simplify their lives. For others, it’s necessary due to financial or employment issues. In either case, storing valuable items in a secure storage unit gives people the time to decide what they truly want to keep.

Residential Storage Units For Hobby and Recreational Equipment
If you’re like most people, you enjoy outdoor activities in the summer. You may not, however, have adequate space to store your favorite summer toys during the winter. Recreational gear like canoes, kayaks, and ATVs all take up quite a bit of space, and not everyone has much space to spare. Renting winter storage can both free up space in your garage or basement and protect your things from the environmental damage they might suffer if left outside all winter.

Retirement and Divorce
Major life changes that permanently alter your lifestyle can be hard. But, believe it or not, leasing a storage unit during periods such as these can actually help by allowing the people who are adjusting to their new lifestyles cope with those changes before making any long-term decisions about what to do with their belongings. It’s a small thing, but in times of great stress, even small things can make a big difference.

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